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Keyshop - A New Culture of Learning

The heart of the project is the KeyShop. Our central argument is that society, education and work organisations and individuals must judge ageing as a life long learning and developing mental process in which individuals continuously face new life challenges.

In our additional studies we want exactly to find out their needs and to offer in fact every learner the possibility to take part in life long learning. The Diversity of every person and barriers of non access to education are varies and that “cries” for a holistic and individual promoting system. A lot concepts offers methods of life long learning, but mostly they are still working with traditional qualification in traditional learning environments.

Our Shops guarantee a different atmosphere (more like a bar and library), our staff will be modern service provider where the client is the “king”. Our offers are totally flexible, payable, attractive, because we work with the philosophy of professional coaching (look at the work packages: Training)


Projektdauer: 2007-2009

Projekt-Homepage:, The virtual KeyShop (deutsch),
Handbuch (deutsch)