Internationale Projekte





The project aims at strengthening European awareness and identity. Only an individual equipped with a strong personal identity is able to open up to new developments. The project will strengthen local identities of citizens in order to develop a common identity. Through local national workshops (no fund money needed) participants will become aware of values that constitute their own identity and how these are formed by the environment.

The objective of this is to strengthen regional identity, culture and self-confidence of the participants, to prepare them for an international dialogue. Data collected in these workshops will be made accessible on a website and thus document the insights about different life in Europe. An international meeting will look at identity formation at European level by ways of scenario workshop (SW). The SW supports and facilitates active participation of people from across society and across different interest groups and offers ample opportunity for exchanging and discussing their points of view, doubts, suggestions, and wishes regarding a particular topic. SW is a tool promoting dialogue, furthering involvement and managing constructive discussion between various groups. Innovative approaches will be that of role reversal (psychodrama) and magic shop (psychodrama).

The aim of this process is to raise awareness of and a feeling for a common European identity, to motivate to take part in the processes of an active European citizenship and in designing their future Europe. This will raise the interest in European elections which will help make Europe more sustainable. All steps will be documented and be processed and double up as material for dissemination: CD documentation, poster (exhibition) and a leaflet (workshop guideline) to be used for groups in all partner countries. These products help discover cultures, raise awareness, develop a common identity.

Projektdauer: 2010-2011