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Gender Guidance pathways in Education and Vocational Training Systems for free sexism choices

The main objective of the project proposal GALAXIES is the involvement of a transnational partnership with the goal to adapt and transfer this good practice realised in the previous Leonardo project, deepen the analysis on gender guidance in the of education and training systems.

From the previous testing of the training units, we found out that the main critical points are experienced by teachers and trainers, arising the complexity of the guidance task, which can not be influenced by the roles of these operators, which are called to teach and train, to evaluate and support students in the daily learning activities.

Furthermore, the results have highlighted that the education system is the field where it continues to prevail a “neutral concept” of knowledge and where are still alive educational practices strongly influenced by male/female stereotypes.

In this framework, it becomes a priority to overcome these stereotypes, with more awareness about gender identity, which till now is an elite condition, because this awareness is limited to single experiences weak in term of impacts on the system and on the educational curricula.

This proposal intends to cope with this critical point and to foster collaboration among schools and professionals with multi-disciplinary background, to assure a better support about labour market insertion and to better understand of limit/potentiality of the different working fields.

Projektdauer: 2007-2013

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