Internationale Projekte





Promoting lifelong learning in the field of health is the result of continuous professional skills development through access to most recent information and a large knowledge data base.

Latest international reports reveal that there is an increased therapeutic and social interest for health resorts’ spa treatments, which have led to the development of international balneary tourism. According to specialty EU statistics, the immediate results after treatment reflected significant improvements in subjective and objective symptomatology.

Also an important echo was registered after using economical indicators of effectiveness, respectively on temporary incapacity to work, determined by the health conditions for which those spa treatments were being used.

The aim is to identify, to diversify, to reorganize and to modernize the physical therapy strategies and tourist services using e-learning products from another LdV project to the level of treatment facilities within health resorts.

Impact envisaged

Sharing experiences and practices of specialist from different countries in a transnational/international context by creating a network platform that will connect partners, beneficiaries (clients and institutions) but also involving target groups and other potential users with an ultimate goal of increasing the dimension and quality of wellness and quality of life in SPA services.

Projektdauer: 2011-2013